PV module rapid shutdow

Fonrich PV module rapid shutdow Scheme, in line with the requirements of the US NEC 2017, can quickly or manually shut off the DC high voltage to protect the safety of fire and maintenance personnel in the event of a fire or Others crisis. At the same time, it integrates ponent monitoring, arc detection, and insulation detection technologies to monitor component voltages, string currents, and battery panel temperature data in real time, and to detect string/parallel arc risks and string insulation failure risks.

PV Module Rapid Shutdown Controller Connection System Diagram

PV Module Rapid Shutdown Controller Connection System Diagram


  • PV Module Shutdown Controller1
  • PV Module Shutdown Controller2
  • PV Module Shutdown Controller3

PV Module Shutdown Controller

Intelligent Monitoring:

  • Monitoring module voltage, string current, precisely locating module failure
  • Embedded or double external temperature sensor, comprehensively monitoring moudle internal and external temperature

Safe & Stable

  • MC4 poor contact alarm, precisely identify bad connection among modules
  • Arc-fault detecting, live insulation detecting, all-round assuring the safety of PV power station
  • High-stable PLC communication, rapidly cutting off DC high voltage

Convenient Installation and Easy Operation

  • Being pre-loaded in PV junction box, making up intelligent shutdown junction box
  • Manually or automatically control, convenient and flexiable
  • Module packaging, ensuring stable opertation and convenient installation


  • Embedded to junction box
  • Modular built-in three-way junction box
  • External connecting junction box by cascading shutdown to MC4

Increase Income

Precise Monitoring

Safety Protection


FR-RSD Rapid Shutdown Soution
Working Conditions
Working Voltage DC10-60V
Working Power <200mW
Working temperature -40-85℃
IP level IP67
Test Function
Voltage Test Range DC10-60V
Voltage Measurement Accuracy ±0.1
Temperature Measurement Range -40-150℃
Temperature Measurement Accuracy ±1℃
Shutdown Function
Shutdown circuit withstands maximum current 20A
Shutdown Function Shutdown Mode Disconnect the circuit
FR-RSC Shutdown Controller
Project Parameters
Powered By PV DC power supply
Voltage Measurement Range 0-DC500V,Accuracy 1V
Communication RS485(modbus—RTU)
Keys Self-locking Keys
Display LED light
Connector MC4