PV Module Optimizer

The Fonrich PV module optimizer is installed on the back of each PV module to realize module-level MPPT, which can effectively increase power output by 5%-25%; real-time monitoring of voltage and temperature data of each PV module, reducing operation and maintenance costs through precise operation and maintenance When the power station risks occur, the optimizer can quickly shut down the high voltage on the DC side of the PV power plant to ensure the safety of personnel life and assets.

PV Module OptimizerSystem Connection Diagram

System Connection Diagram

Product Advantages

  • PV Module Optimizer front
  • PV Module Optimizer back

PV Module Optimizer

More Power:

  • Module-level MPPT, peak efficiency over 99.5%, increase power output 5-25%, power output efficiency is superior to the traditional scheme
  • Solve all types of module-level problems like shading, hot spot, hidden cracks, etc
  • Solve the problem of orientation difference, more panels can be installed in a same space

Intelligent O&M:

  • Real-time monitoring of each PV module data, power station data visualization
  • Cloud management system for power station big data tracking, acquisition, analysis, power plant failure remote warning, accurate positioning
  • Comparative analysis of historical data, precise operation and maintenance, and generation of optimal power station operation and maintenance management

Safe & Stable

  • 25 years of long warranty, safety associated with PV power station life cycle
  • Meets NEC 2017 requirements for module-level rapid shutdown
  • IP68 rating, no fear of outdoor harsh environment

Installation method:

  • Quickly fastened to the frame of the PV module back by bolts, the installation is quick and easy
  • PV module Optimizer and Junction Box, PV module Optimizer and PV module Optimizer Connected by Standard MC4 Connector

Increase Income

Precise Monitoring

Safety Protection


Model PV Module Power PV Module Open Circuit Voltage
FR-PVMB-A30SA ≤300W ≤45V
FR-PVMB-A35SA ≤350W ≤54V
FR-PVMB-A40SA ≤400W ≤60V