Data Gate

The Fonrich data gateway can flexibly connect photovoltaic devices such as component monitoring, inverters, and combiner boxes. Through protocol conversion, real-time data acquisition and wired/wireless transmission of multiple device data can be achieved. The Fonrich optimizer and PV module monitoring can be used to realize the entire PV system. Precise monitoring and remote intelligent operation and maintenance.

Data GateSystem Connection Diagram

System Connection Diagram

Product Advantages

  • PV Module Optimizer1
  • PV Module Optimizer2
  • PV Module Optimizer3

PV Module Optimizer

Real & Remote:

  • Receive data from each PV module, inverter, meter, and environmental monitor in real time
  • LCD display, storing historical data for more than 3 months

Multiple communications:

  • Support RS485, RJ45, WiFi, 4G, LoRa communication
  • 可Can be applied to Fonrich or non-biner box monitoring

Easy installation and optimal cost:

  • Size: 92*80*57mm
  • Built-in AC and DC power supply, no external power supply

Installation method:

  • Access to photovoltaic grid or combiner

Increase Income

Precise Monitoring

Safety Protection