Foneye Refined cloud management system,through FonrichData Gate collect FonrichPV Module Optimizer、Fonrich PV module monitoring, inverters, and environmental monitoring data are used to perform PV module-level data monitoring and fault identification to achieve accurate and intelligent operation and maintenance of PV power plants.

  • Mobile monitoring system

    Mobile monitoring system

  • PC monitoring system

    PC monitoring system

Product Advantages

Refined cloud management systemFonEye

Refined cloud management systemFonEye

Precise monitoring

  • PV module level real-time monitoring
  • PV power station data visualization

Real-time & remote management

  • Comprehensive management based on big data platform
  • Real-time fault monitoring, analysis and remote control


  • Multi-interface management: mobile APP, web page, WeChat
  • The fault is immediately notified by email, SMS, and WeChat


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