Combiner Box Monitoring (Gilgal 3)

Fonrich Gilgal 3 combiner box monitoring supports 1000V/1500V PV system, real-time monitoring of the string current, bus voltage, bus box temperature, switch status, etc.,alarm output when data is abnormal, support RS485 or industrial wireless data transmission.

Gilgal 3 combiner box monitoringSystem Connection Diagram

System Connection Diagram

Product Advantages

  • Gilgal 3 combiner box monitoring1
  • Gilgal 3 combiner box monitoring2

Combiner Box Monitoring(Gilgal 3)

Compatible with 1000V & 1500V systems:

  • First domestic 1500V system intelligent monitoring
  • CE-EMC Certification

Multi-function and widely used:

  • Added automatic address allocation, data freeze, journal recording, up to 18 alarm functions
  • Real-time monitoring of string current, bus voltage, temperature of the combiner box, and lightning arrester and breaker status
  • Supports current arc detection, alarm threshold can be set, automatic tripping and remote tripping can be realized
  • Shunt trip unit can be driven directly without tripping power supply, saving cost

Wireless Communication:

  • Data transmission using RS485 (Modbus RTU) and LoRa wireless

Installation method:

  • PV combiner box installed for integration of DC arc detection

Increase Income

Precise Monitoring

Safety Protection

Main Parameters

Maximum system voltage 1500V
Maximum number of channels 24
Does it support tripping Yes
Do it need external power supply -No, the bus directly takes power
Detection current range -20~+20A
Communication Method RS485/Modbus-RTU and LoRa wireless
Detection Accuracy 1%