PV module monitoring

Fonrich PV module monitoring module can be built in the junction box for real-time monitoring of the voltage and temperature of each battery module. It adopts high-stability PLC communication to effectively achieve accurate PV module level PV module monitoring, accurate positioning of component failures, and reduction of the cost of operation and maintenance of the power station.

PV Module Monitoring System Connection Diagram

System Connection Diagram


  • 组件监测1
  • 组件监测2

PV Module Monitoring


  • Real-time monitoring of component voltage, junction box internal temperature, component backplane temperature, accurate positioning of problem components
  • Maximum of 30 PV Mondule Monitoring Systems per Serial Component Supporting Simultaneous Online

High stability:

  • High stability PLC communication
  • Over 25 years of service life

Easy to install:

  • Special configurator for quick communication address setting
  • Can be integrated in the terminal box, can also be connected to the junction box, optional strong

Installation method:

  • Built-in PV junction box
  • External PV module monitor to junction box

Increase Income

Precise Monitoring

Safety Protection

Main Parameters

Working Voltage ≤10mA
Working temperature range -40~+85℃
Measuring voltage range 10~60V
Input voltage accuracy ±0.1V
Measuring temperature range -40~+125℃
Measuring temperature accuracy ±1℃
Maximum number of supported PV modules 30 pics
The time required to poll 30 PV modules 1 min, fastest 30s
Communication method Power carrier PLC
Transmission distance ≤200m
Configuration method RFID