DC Arc-Fault Detector

Fonrich Arc-Fault Detector real-time detection of arc faults in the DC circuit. Once a fault arc occurs, an alarm signal is issued immediately to cut off the fault circuit, and the arc risk can be accurately positioned to effectively prevent arc-caused fire and other safety hazards.

DC Arc-Fault DetectorSystem Connection Diagram

System Connection Diagram


  • DC Arc-Fault Detector side view
  • DC Arc-Fault Detector Top view

DC Arc-Fault Detector

DC arc-fault detection:

  • Identify string strings/parallel arcs to detect potential risks in a timely manner
  • Use with PV Module Optimizer and Smart Gateway for Component-Level Fast Shutdown

Stable Performance:

  • Perforated design isolates signal interference between channels
  • Maximum support 24 channels

Installation method:

  • Guide rail type installed in DC combine box, or customized intelligent pull arc box

Increase Income

Precise Monitoring

Safety Protection

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Main Parameters

Maximum System Voltage 1000V 1500V
Maximum Number Of Channels 24
Input Current Range -20~+20A
Detect Arc Current Range -15~+15A
Accuracy 1%

Certified Product